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Monotheist - Scourge

Monotheist - Scourge

Label : Prosthetic Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : A monotheist believes in the existence of one true god. It is this god that created earth and gave life to mankind and therefore is the only one who deserves to be worshipped. Sounds a little like Marilyn Manson who asks to be loved by his audience but gets no response in return. In case of the band Monetheist from Orlando, Florida we are dealing with a Christian progressive death metal band that strives to combine the brutality of Suffocation with the experimental sides of bands like Extol, Cynic and Opeth.

On their second album ‘Scourge’, that will be released on March 16th via Prosthetic Records, the band around bandleader Michael ‘Prophet’ Moore pulls out all the stops and delivers an impressive progressive death metal record. Opening track ‘The Grey King’ is kicks in the door and lets you know instantly that these guys mean serious business. Relentless blastbeats, impressive technical guitarplay, powerful death grunts and tempo changes, atmospheric guitar riffs and catchy solos follow one another in high pace. Ex-Scar Symmetry singer Christian Älvestam makes a guest appearance on the album and delivers punishing death metal vocal attacks. ‘The Great Chain King at the Neck of the Earth’ is an incredibly awesome track again with atmospheric death metal passages combined with explosive blast beat attacks and clean guitar parts. After a prelude of strings follows the highly explosive track ‘Mark of The Beast Part 2 – Scion of The Darkness’. Halfway through the album Monotheist serves us the ten minute instrumental song ‘Infinite Wisdom’ which is a composition that lends itself best for listening with headphones on, eyes closed and letting the music take control of everything and enjoy the genius of Monotheist. On ‘Desolate It Mourns Before Me’ Bobby Koelble (ex-Death, Death DTA) plays a solo and in the final and title track ‘Scourge’ the band profiles itself as an experimental adventurous progressive death metal band that knows how to melt influences from jazz and classical music into death metal without sounding too contrived. ‘Scourge’ is a great technical death metal album that will definitely appeal to fans of technical, experimental and progressive extreme metal and is not to be missed out on!

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