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Birth Of Joy - Hyper Focus

Birth Of Joy - Hyper Focus

Label : Steamhammer/SPV | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : They remain an interesting trio, Birth Of Joy from the Netherlands. They describe their music as 'sixties on steroids' and that is an adequate description. For years these boys have been busy working and despite the fact that the great success has always failed to happen, they do not make any concessions; they remain faithful to their own music. And so on this new CD 'Hyper Focus' we hear music again, inspired by bands like Pink Floyd, The Doors and The Who. Psychedelic rock from the Lowlands, therefore.

Yes, as I said, they persist in playing this hallucinatory sixties music. There is certainly no big market for this kind of music in their own country. Especially in Germany, the band should be able to do well because this style of music is still very popular there. And when I look at the band's extensive tour schedule for the coming weeks, they are also aware of that. Musically, therefore, not much has changed compared to previous work. The majority of the songs clocks between three and four minutes and are therefore very compact. Sometimes it fans out a bit more (opener 'Join The Game' and 'Sypdorkat') and the band looks for the experiment. Most notable musician again is keyboardist Gertjan Gutman; both the sound of his organ and his playing technique are great. He knows how to conjure the most amazing sounds out of his instrument ('Riff Raff') and gives the rock structure of the songs something extra every time. And of course it should not be forgotten that singer / guitarist and face of the band Kevin Stunnenberg is also showing us his best side. A fine release, which will probably not attract any new fans but it confirms the position of Birth Of Joy. And I mean that positively.

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