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Infraktor - Exhaust

Infraktor - Exhaust

Label : Rastilho Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dennis : The smoke plumes of the deadly Portuguese wildfires of last year could be witnessed as far as in my home country The Netherlands, where the ash particles covered the sunlight and caused a red sun in the sky for a few days. Like a Portuguese wildfire, Aveiro/Porto based thrash metal Infraktor releases their debut album ‘Exhaust’ and their punishing mix of vicious thrash and death metal is going to spread all over the metal world. The band was formed out of the ashes of bands like Revolution Within, Pitch Black, Echidna and Gates of Hell in early 2013 and over the course of the past five years the band wrote the songs that you’ll find on this album. Infraktor plays a modern kind of thrash metal with pounding double bass attacks, heavy chugging guitars and powerful vocal assaults by Hugo Silva and guest vocals by Raça from the band Revolution Within on the track ‘Ferocious Intent’. Powerful, punishing and in your face thrash metal from Portuguese soil not for the weak hearted. The record was recorded, mixed and mastered by producer Miguel Tereso between Ultrasound Studios and Demigod Recordings, who gave the songs the sound they deserve. Strongest tracks are for sure ‘Blood of the Weak’, ‘Son of a Butcher’, ‘Ferocious Intent’ and the title track ‘Exhaust’ and should appeal to fans of The Haunted, Dew-Scented or Hatesphere.

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