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Obtruncation - Sanctum's Disruption, Sphere of the Rotting

Obtruncation - Sanctum's Disruption, Sphere of the Rotting

Label : Vic Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Re-release

Ren� : Together with the re-release of the bands debut CD 'The Callous Concept' (see here) Vic Records also re-released the band's first two demo tapes on one CD. 'Santum Disruption' is the first and was released in 1991. 'Sphere of the Rotting' was released one year later. Both demo's are restored, remixed and remastered so the sound is bit better than the original tapes. For more info on the band I suggest you click on the link in this review which leads to the review of the debut album. What strikes me most is that the kind of death metal Obtruncation produces still has relevance today. It's got it all, a death grunt, fast blast pieces, enough variation to keep it exciting and some serious brutality. It doesn't matter if you are an old death metal maniac or if you only recently got into death metal, it appeals to all. As an extra the CD contains one track from the second demo sessions and a live track.

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