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Beyond The Styx - Stiigma

Beyond The Styx - Stiigma

Label : Klonosphere | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : There has been a period when I listened a lot to a metal version of hardcore, with bands like Terror, Sheer Terror, Merauder and Sworn Enemy as the most important names. The French band Beyond The Styx brings that feeling back completely. Aggressive hardcore vocals in combination with the measured and sometimes very sharp riffs, that have caused many moshpits at the time. Beyond The Styx brings that sound back and the ten songs on 'Stiigma' all have great riffs and a groove that will get the crowds moving. However, I understand that people who do not like the aforementioned bands call the sound of Beyond The Styx mediocre metalcore. Those people will not know bands like Sworn Enemy and do not understand my happy thoughts sharing this music but that is the fate of many a band. As many opinions as there are reviewers. The production could have been a bit more bold and of course the songs might benefit from a bit more of a ragged edge, but if you like metallic riffs, then 'Stiigma' is just a good choice.

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