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Black Moth - Anatomical Venus

Black Moth - Anatomical Venus

Label : Candlelight | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Last year in Leeds I saw Italian stoner band Psychedelic Withcraft. It was the first time I learned about this kind of music: female driven, occult themed, powerful. I explored the matter a bit further when I got home a couple of days later and found out that there are actually quite a lot of bands like this, like we also have a lot of female fronted gothic bands. It is some kind of formula and therefore runs the risk of turning into a cliche. Which is fine, if you like that. Personally I dislike clich├ęs a whole lot, except when we are talking about Manowar, but Black Moth (from Leeds, that was kind of why I started out talking about Leeds) really disassembles the stereotype with 'Anatomical Venus'. This music is awesome.

Straight from opening song 'Istra' it is evident what we are dealing with. Very powerful music that is assisted seemingly effortlessly by the very strong vocals of Harriet Hyde. Not only is her voice full of energy and convincing, it is also somewhat erotically charged which certainly has a positive influence on the music. And with each turn (right at those moments where the music is about to get predictable) the band comes up with something new and interesting, unexpectedly, which makes sure you will be hooked by this record from start to finish. It is like a sermon led by a beautiful high priestess. I do not like comparing people to Grace Slick (Jefferson Airplane) because to me she is the ultimate singer and even though she is still my number one, she is no longer alone on that champion stage.

Some bands are able to transport you to an entirely different world with their music. That is the definition of psychedelic rock, it does not necessarily involve drugs, and Black Moth is all about psychedelics. The album is like a spellbook and each page (song) is a fantastic enchantment. A real transcender. Like an express train that reaches its destination far too quickly. You probably catch my drift. I cannot get enough of this.

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