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Mindkult - Lucifer's Dream

Mindkult - Lucifer's Dream

Label : Transcending Obscurity | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : This album by American one-man-project Mindkult was already released all the way back in September 2017 by Indian label Transcending Obscurity, but somehow only now found its way over to Lords Of Metal. But no worries, better late than never. Mister Fowst as Mindkult delivers occult doom that musically sounds like a mix of Pentagram. Black Sabbath, Witchcraft, Jex Thoth, The Devil’s Blood and such. Original it is not, but it does sound tasty. And that last point is of course the most important one. Even though Fowst plays all the instruments it all does sound delightfully organic. Everything is quite catchy, every song possesses a melody line which immediately nestles itself in your head. Despite all this I am left behind wondering how it all would have sounded had this been recorded by a complete band.

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