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Burning Saviours - Death

Burning Saviours - Death

Label : Transubstans Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : ‘Death’ is album number five by Sweden’s Burning Saviours. And to be brutally honest Burning Saviours never grabbed me at all, their music just doesn’t seem to be for me and my liking. But surprise, surprise ‘Death’ captivates me from the first notes of opener ‘Draug’ to the last of ‘Finally Free’. I relished every second of the 35 minutes of proto-doom/traditional doom the five member band plays. Of course you’ll hear the Black Sabbath and Pentagram influences, but those influences don’t get annoying at all. The swell open clear breathing production sees to it that you’ll hear all the nuances in the music. Subdued at one point, rocking at another, and tugging at yet another moment. Yes, Burning Saviours have finally won me over.

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