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Dream Ocean - Love Lost Symphony

Dream Ocean - Love Lost Symphony

Label : Painted Bass Records | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : The Turkish female fronted symphonic metal band Dream Ocean was already founded in 2009 by female singer Basak Ylva and guitar player Oz Khan and also today this duo is still the nucleus of this great band. Basak and Oz decided to relocate to Germany in 2017 because the climate in Turkey just isn’t really suited for bands like this and as a result of this they now also have four German musicians in the line-up. In 2012 the four track EP ‘Daydreamer’ was released which is now followed by this full-length debut album ‘Love Lost Symphony’.

My first acquaintance with Dream Ocean was their show at the Femme festival in 2017 and I have to say that they were able to leave quite a positive impressions back then, due to the great, at times very catchy song material and the strong vocals of Basak. Therefore I was quite curious how this debut album was going to sound like and I can already give away that ‘Love Lost Symphony’ has certainly been able to meet my expectations. After the intro ‘Inception’ the album opens strong with the single ‘Beyond The Greed’, on which lovely riffs are combined with good, supporting bombastic keyboard parts and great vocals. Also tunes like the catchy ‘Everstorm’, the long and very entertaining ‘Island Of Dreams’, the somewhat more melodic ‘Hain’ and ‘Never Enough’ (with Epica’s Mark Jansen as guest grunter) are all examples of how great symphonic power metal must sound like.

The biggest asset of the band is surely female singer Basak Ylva, who is capable of bringing the already very strong material to even bigger heights. In the more subdued songs like the as a piano-ballad starting ‘Divine Light’ (with a nice and sensitive guitar solo) and ‘Songs To The Aurora’ she gets lots of opportunities to showcase her vocal capabilities, but as a matter of fact she’s delivering a top-notch performance on the whole album. Maybe her talent is best shown on the lovely duet with Cyhra singer Jake E entitled ‘Forever’, which in my opinion certainly belongs to the best tracks on this ‘Love Lost Symphony’.

The challenge with albums who have more than an hour of playing time is to keep the listener interested from start to finish, but I must say that Dream Ocean is doing a terrific job at that. ‘Love Lost Symphony’ knows to create a very good balance between power, bombast and emotion and grabs you by the throat from the very first moment only to let go after the last note has been played. Dream Ocean proves with this debut album to be a talented and exciting newcomer within the genre, who will certainly appeal to the fans of bands like Epica and Nightwish. If you’re already capable of reaching this quality level on your first full-length, I think that you are headed for a bright future as a band…

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