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Tengger Cavalry - Cian Bi

Tengger Cavalry - Cian Bi

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : Right, the fact that Tengger Cavalry are not your run of the mill metal band can pretty much be considered common knowledge by now. And if this still is news to you, why don’t you check our reviews of ’Blood Sacrifice Shaman’ (2015), ’Ancient Call’ (2016) or ’Die On My Ride’ (2017) again. For me, my first introduction to Tengger Cavalry was ‘Ancient Call’ – and I really liked that album a lot. The more recent ‘Die On My Ride’ was a bit of a disappointment, due in part to the handful of rather mediocre poppy / alternative rock tracks featured on the album, which were a mismatch with the more heavy/folk side of the band and which made ‘Die On My Ride’ feel like a fragmented album.

On their sixth full-length ‘Cian Bi’, the band do return – in a way - to ‘Ancient Call’ a bit. Yet some of the elements that were present on ‘Die On My Ride’ do remain as well, such as the low spokenwordish singing, which reminds me of Laibach and which is the main vocal style on ‘Cian Bi’, together with the Mongolian throat singing. Unfortunately, we once again get a very mediocre alternative rockfish track (‘Just Forgive’) as well. Nope, that is not their forte. Not quite. And that is me being polite. The elements that were present on all of their earlier releases obviously are still present as well: the melancholy Mongolian folkloristic string instruments, with the Morin Khuur being the main carrier of the band’s sound, supported / crossed by a folky/heavy metal elements and stampeding drums. The guitars on ‘Cian Bi’ are notably staccato. Even so much so that I am reminded of industrial metal or even oldschool Fear Factory at times. Mind you, that is purely the cold, staccato chopping of the guitars – and maybe the guitar sound a bit as well. Overall: decent release, better than ‘Die On My Ride’, but a lot of the forty plus minutes on ‘Cian Bi’ feel like the band is composing too much along the same formula.

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