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Obtruncation - The Callous Concept

Obtruncation - The Callous Concept

Label : Vic Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Re-release

Ren� : Obtruncation belongs to the first wave of brutal old school death metal bands from Holland (founded in 1989) and I have seen them live quite often in the areas Dordrecht and Rotterdam. 'The Callous Concept was released in 1997 and was proceeded by two good demo tapes which are also reviewed by me elders on LoM. Both demo's and the album are in my possession so it brings back good memories. Musicwise this is rather brutal old school death stuff comparable to bands like Sinister. Think brutal stuff with deep grunts but both complex as well as catchy. Why this never got big in the nineties is the question, because even today this sounds excellent. Obtruncation reformed in 2014 and released a good album under the title 'Abode Of The Departed Souls'. During the line-up of that record I saw them live aswell and it's still as strong as ever. Meanwhile drummer Martin Steigenga unfortunately passed away late last year. The CD also contains two live bonus tracks and the liner notes are written by LoM colleague Pim Blankenstein.

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