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Eïs - Stillstand Und Heimkehr

Eïs - Stillstand Und Heimkehr

Label : Lupus Lounge | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Vera : Eïs – former Geïst – is the intensive outlet of mastermind Alboin and this had resulted in magnificent post black metal albums such as ‘Wetterkreuz’ and ’Bannstein’. Every three years we can welcome an eruption of inspiration. This time ‘Stillstand Und Heimkehr’ happens to be an EP with two lengthy compositions, all good for 22 minutes of deep-draught extreme sounds. Any investigation learns us that Eïs exists of Alboin and guitarist Abarus in the meantime, with two session musicians for the live gigs. For the first time they recorded the music in their own studio. We are eager to find out how this influenced the development of Eïs.

Dense and intense, these are the core words that instantly crossed my mind. First song ‘An Den Schwarz Besandeten Gestaden’ (13 minutes) begins with introvert piano notes and rolling atmospheric waves, but two minutes later you will find yourself in the middle of ultimate oppressing black metal. Alboin has written this song during the darkest period in his life and you notice that. Even a passage with atmospheric sounds is quiescent yet – again – oppressing. Then it continues with mid-paced step wards rhythms and raucous vocals towards the end, with acceleration and peaceful ending. The second song ‘Stillstand Und Heimkehr’ (nine minutes) does not hold one’s own with the first catharsis. With diffuse guitars it turns into a quite rocking song, vocals sound from a distance, surrounded by walls of guitars. Here C.D. Friedrichs ‘Wanderer Über Den Nebelmeer’ is quoted with the knowledge that a wandering soul is better than coming home and fading away. Passionate spoken passages lead once again to a resigned end. It might be quite a strange experience after previous work, but who knows to what it will result in future.

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