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Dormanth - IX Sins

Dormanth - IX Sins

Label : Necromance Records | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : From the Spanish city of Bilbao comes the doom/death metal act Dormanth. 'IX Sins' is their 9th... no wait... third album, but the first one we can welcome here. The question however is whether we should be pleased with it. I mean, dark metal from Spain? I always wonder how that is possible when the sun is shining every day. How can you make dark music underneath a palm tree? Anyway, this act seems to be very able to, because 'IX' Sins has become a heavy and dark album. The line between doom and death is rather grey and blurred. On this album there are certainly pieces that can be labelled as doom, but sometimes the music is thus heavy and aggressive that a death metal label seems more apt. The death metal parts are not very startling though, but the typical doom pieces are very convincing. This is best shown in the first and last track of the album, 'Human Claim' and 'Sands Of Frozen Tears'. In these songs there is a nice, sticky, depressive atmosphere but at the same time have an aggressive intonation which makes them very nice. The other songs are not bad either, though not as exciting as the aforementioned ones. In terms of sound you place this band between the likes Paradise Lost ('Gothic' - 'Icon') and Draconian, but bear in mind this is a bit heavier than both examples.

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