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Hexx - Quest For Sanity/Watery Graves

Hexx - Quest For Sanity/Watery Graves

Label : Vic Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Re-release

Sjak : The American band Hexx was in the eighties one of the many exponents of the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal, which brought two great albums to market with their debut album ‘No Escape’ (from 1984) and successor ‘Under The Spell’ (from 1986). After that things started to get a bit messy in the band but still in 1991 the quite enjoyable third album ‘Morbid Reality’ was released. After this record nothing was heard anymore from this talented band until in 2016 Metal Blade Records released the beautiful box set ‘Under The Spell’ in which the first two albums (with a shitload of bonus material) and a DVD with obscure live material was to be found to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the second album with the same name. This renewed interest in the band resulted even in a brand new record entitled ‘Wrath Of The Reaper’ in 2017 and as such Hexx is anno 2018 clearly among the living again as they say.

In the period after the release of their second album ‘Under The Spell’ still two, meanwhile hard to get EPs in the shape of ‘Quest For Sanity’ (from 1988) and ‘Watery Graves’ (from 1990) were released, on which the band introduced a style change towards thrash metal, which they carried even further on ‘Morbid Reality’. That accounted for quite a few nice moments but, although tunes like ‘Racial Slaughter’ and ‘Watery Graves’ are definitely worthwhile listening to, they just couldn’t approach the quality level that they showcased on the first two records. Still this by Vic Records released album, on which both EPs are brought together, is as a matter of fact quite interesting. First of all the material that is to be found on here is of such a quality level that thrash metal fans will certainly like it. Secondly both original EPs are really hard to find nowadays and therefore you can now add both records to your collection for a nice price. As said the material is not earth shattering, but definitely good enough to give is a thorough listen. Therefore this is a great action by Vic Record!

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