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Dirty Shirt & Ansamblul Transilvania  - FolkCore DeTour

Dirty Shirt & Ansamblul Transilvania - FolkCore DeTour

Label : Apathia Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : This month it seems to be my fate to review very weird releases. Here we have another bunch of curiosity weirdos, even one without a proper musical direction. One might say: this is a Romanian folk metal band with loads of ethnic folklore, but it really turns into a hotchpotch with a minority of metal. Indeed, from time to time there are heavy riffs, but they rather verge to simple, chunky nu metal riffs and for the rest there is quite a lot of crossover involved in the show. In this hundred minutes long live show we also heard reggae, many melancholic violins, cheerful folk melodies from the quite cheesy kind, rebellious passages with rap (‘Manifest’), horns, accordion, cabaret-like passages, exaggerated pompous vocals full of pathos, and so on. Indeed, also the vocals are very various: clean male and female vocals, a lot harmony vocals, now and then hysterical screams or shrieks (from male and female), creepy rough voices, shouts and yells… and never the same for a longer time, since most of the songs are short and in the longer ones they ramble on with different moods and timbres. Many songs have lyrics in the vernacular language, so you will not understand a thing. The songs do not touch or haunt you, with exception of the quite catchy ‘Ride’ and the melancholic violins in ‘Balada’.

Yet this release is announced as being unique, because it should be the first time that a metal band and a traditional national folk orchestra play together. Dirty Shirt is a Romanian folk/core band; a colleague reviewed ’Freak Show’ earlier. They did six concerts with this extensive crew and they filmed the gig on the first of April 2017 in Bucharest. A DVD will be released as well. You cannot compare it with any other folk metal band, or maybe a bit with Trollfest: also a lot of fun, but music-wise very mediocre.

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