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Hemelbestormer - A Ring Of Blue Light

Hemelbestormer - A Ring Of Blue Light

Label : Van Records | Archive under post rock / post metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The Belgian post-rock/sludge/doom outfit Hemelbestormer has gained a great reputation within a relative short time. Of course this due to their excellent debut mini ‘Portals’ and full-length ‘Aether’. Now, their second album ‘A Ring Of Blue Light’ has to live up to some serious expectations. Luckily, I can inform you that Hemelbestormer delivered the goods once again. ‘A Ring Of Blue Light’ is a slab of intricately woven tapestries of atmosphere. These instrumental tracks hit you in the gut like a velvet sledgehammer. It hurts but ever so softly. The songs contain slightly more post-styled and light-hearted elements than before, but this serves as a great contrast to the more sludge/doom oriented elements that seem even heavier because of this. At the same time ‘A Ring Of Blue Light’ is definitely more accessible than their previous work. Without compromising Hemelbestormer has succeeded in creating an album that builds upon their style and is simultaneously capable of addressing a wider audience. And with massive songs that well constructed, who needs vocals? ‘A Ring Of Blue Light’ is highly recommended for fans of doom, sludge, post-metal and even black metal.

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