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Myles Kennedy - Year Of The Tiger

Myles Kennedy - Year Of The Tiger

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : Myles Kennedy is known for his work with Alter Bridge and Slash. Both bands are often very heavy and Myles with his distinctive voice has a big influence on the band sound. On his first solo album he chooses a completely different approach. Many songs are only played with a minimal set of instruments and then also mainly acoustic. Do not expect a sugary album. The subject the entire album is about is too heavy for that.

Myles has decided to dedicate the album to his father who died when Myles was only four. That's where the title track 'Year Of The Tiger' makes sense, because it was 1974. It results in an album that has become very personal. An album also where the sorrow and loss of his father for Myles is tangible and the gratitude towards his mother is alive. An album in which questions are asked about faith. Is that what you eventually leave a family behind for?

Alter Bridge house producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette also produced this album and because of that it has become a pretty heavy album despite the lack of electric guitars. Just listen to the absolute highlight 'The Great Beyond'. This song would not be strange on any Alter Bridge album. 'Devil On The Wall' could have been on the Slash album 'World On Fire' for that matter. Without disqualifying the other songs, these songs together with the rather unique title song by his Chinese melody lines, are the absolute highlights of this album. Although I can imagine that every time one hears this album other songs will come to the surface, such as 'Love Can Only Heal'.

In conclusion, there is nothing more than admiration for so much musical craftsmanship and great songwriting on the entire album. Myles played all string instruments himself and was assisted on bass and drums by Tim Tournier and Zia Uddin. We do not often reward albums with the maximum score at Lords Of Metal, but this time I like to make an exception.

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