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Outshine - 1313

Outshine - 1313

Label : Gain | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : '1313' brings us a double dose of unfortunateless. (Is that even a word?) Not just the double thirteen's, the album is also named after the date of the Friday the thirteenth (2013) Outshine's tourbus was robbed of, among other things, the demo tape of this album. I don't know how the songs on that demo sounded but if they were anything close to what we're listening to now, it's a really big loss. These songs sound very atmospheric and pleasant. Even though officially this isn't gothic metal at all (think of bands like Epica), in my personal opinion it really is: sultry erotic-ish lyrics that discharge into aggression, painful reflection and sometimes even suicide. The only thing that doesn't fit into the whole gothic genre are the aggressive vocals! And don't get me wrong: those vocals fit perfectly into the music that Outshine makes.

The album starts out rock hard with 'Liar', an aggressive song that sports a tone that perfectly fits the topic. The songs continue, dark, creepy, and with lyrics that will hold meaning to most of the more life experienced listeners. Although some of the songs (lyrically) may sound rather superficial on the first listen, after a couple of whiles they will certainly become more meaningful. After a while we come to the lengthy 'They Know Who You Are', lasting almost a full ten minutes. This was the moment I thought Outshine was going to show themselves more than able to also give us a more epic soundscape than the four to five minute songs so far. After five and a half minutes the music stops and we are left with a woozy noise and a backwards spoken message (do it! do it!) that I was hoping would result in an enormous, sonic climax! It did not. But! But instead it gave us the closing song 'My Suicide', and man, that was even better than what I had been hoping for. More than worth the wait. This is not a ballad; technically it is, but lyrically it is way too heavy to call it that, it is just a more than beautiful way to describe a broken relationship and its consequences.

A very solid album, both musically and in the way the songs are composed. Sometimes I get the feeling Outshine is trying too hard to sound like something it isn't, but eventually they manage to create a nice, unique sound. The screaming vocals I mentioned earlier definitely have an important role here. Even though I can't really get enough of '1313', I am already looking forward to Outshine's next album.

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