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Regnvm Animale / Norn - Brinna / Brenna

Regnvm Animale / Norn - Brinna / Brenna

Label : Devtsche Bvlvan Bolag | Archive under black metal

Release type: Split cd

Koen B. : ‘Brinna / Brenna’ is a split CD by Regnvm Animale (Sweden) and Norn (Iceland) that was released through Devtsche Bvlvan Bolag (Sweden). Regnvm Animale was no stranger to me, their 2015 ’Et Sic In Infinitvm’ CD was a bit strange but quite tasty. Norn however was a new band for me. The band was established in 2010 and has released their first full-length ‘Börn Vltima Permonvm Cornea’ in 2015. They have also released a handful of demo’s.

Regnvm Animale commences the split CD intensely and dramatically. I think they have found their own style that really adds something extra to the metal scene. Fans of avant-garde blackened death metal really should check this band out. There’s also a Puissance cover version on this split of their ‘I Doden’ song. Next up are Norn. Musically the Icelandic band has about the same vibe as Regnvm Animale, but the vocalist is just a matter of good (or bad) taste. I don’t think he really fits into the music, but maybe my taste is just freakin’ awful.

Well, you figure it out yourselves by visiting Regnvm Animales Bandcamp page or Norn’s Bandcamp page. Buy or fuckin’ die fuckers!

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