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HAR - Visitation

HAR - Visitation

Label : Blood Harvest | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Koen S. : How many Israeli metal bands do I know anyway? I hope I know at least five…Melechesh, Kever, Orphaned Land, Sonne Adam…that is only four. Ah, as of today I just take HAR into count.
This rather recent black/death metal band only exists since 2014 but in the same year they already released their debut EP 'Baal Ha'ov'. After four years of silence they are returning now with a new EP called 'Visitation'. Seeing the strange cover of this mini-LP increases my expectations immediately, but seeing the band logo tempers that feeling quickly. Judging by their unreadable bandlogo I expect some gritty generic raw black metal, but after the obligatory intro we get a chaotic mix of tarry black and death metal from the darkest caverns of the underworld full of dissonant riffs and roaring drums. Filthy guitars are accompanied by deep sepulchral growls in a maelstrom of atrocious wailing, horrific screaming and tormented howling. The production is perfect for this little record: murky and organic. The beginning of 'From The Blood Of A Whirling Dagger' sounded familiar to me and after breaking my head about it for a full day - I was convinced it was something from Watain - I found the same sounding part in the middle of 'O Father O Satan O Sun!' from Behemoths 'The Satanist’. Any further comparison stops right here. HAR brings its metal far more gruesome and oppressive than their Polish colleagues. 'Visitation' is a must have for those who love their black and death macabre and obscure.

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