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Horizon Of The Mute - Chiliad Rite

Horizon Of The Mute - Chiliad Rite

Label : Anesthetize Productions | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : 2016’s debut EP ‘Horizon Of The Mute’ and debut full-length ‘Trobar CLus’, also from 2016, left behind a positive impression. Somehow I missed 2017’s ‘Transmutation Process’. No worries because now we have another full-length album at our hands, namely, ‘Chiliad Rite’. Forty minutes in four songs funeral doom through and through, with clear industrial and drone influences and some death doom. When listening to ‘Reformation’, ‘Framed In Mitre’, ‘Obliterate The Extinguished’ and ‘Ars Magna’ wou wouldn’t say you’re dealing with a one-man-project. Jani Koskela manages to make it sound like a band effort. Well done! Do you appreciate Horizon Of The Mute’s previous output? Then you’ll certainly enjoy ‘Chiliad Rite’. Biggest difference with the previous releases is that it all sounds a lot more mature now.

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