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Gonoreas - Minotaur

Gonoreas - Minotaur

Label : Art Gates Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : With the sixth album in the pipeline, the Swiss band Gonoreas has proven to be a reliable beacon in the European power metal scene. This follow-up album to ‘Destructive Ways’ again features about 45 minutes of music divided over ten songs, a fact the band seems to aim for because they manage to get to these quantities for years now. This new album does feature some newly conquered musical territories, territories that should make the average power metal fan very happy.

On the ambient instrumental opener ‘Bloodstones’ for example, a guest musicial playing the Armenian flute is used. After this pretty intro the CD is opened “for real” with ‘Seeds Of A New Future’, which has a darn tasty riff. Singer Leandro is recognisable from his first notes with his deep voice. ‘Puzzle’ makes a recognisable typical Gonoreas song that should appeal to any fan of Iced Earth, let’s just say it again! ‘Eris’ is slower and more ominous, something fitting with the dark role Eris plays in Greek mythology, a highlight on the album! With ‘Behind The Wall’, we get a Gonoreas ballad for the first time in years, with beautiful guitar playing and a baritone-treat by Leandro. Now here is something they should do more often! At the end we are sucked into the last song by an instrumental interlude, and this last song bears the long title ‘The Lead Masks Of The Vintem Hill’. With over six and a half minute on the timer, this is the longest song on the album, and a few more tasty guitar riffs are featured, though they sometimes seem to cut each other off in the most abrupt way possible. A phenomenal vocal achievement of Leandro almost equalising Stu Block of the afore mentioned comparisons Iced Earth, that makes up for a lot!

Because this album turned out to be a lot more versatile than ‘Destructive Ways’ this is clearly the strongest Gonoreas album to date. Fans of Iced Earth and other power metal bands with balls should definitely check this out!

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