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Death Power - Vivisection – Demos 1987

Death Power - Vivisection – Demos 1987

Label : The Ritual Productions | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Re-release

Ren� : When we speak of old French thrash metal we usually talk of bands like No Return, Massacra or Loudblast. Few people know there we more bands around at the end of the eighties and early nineties. So here we have this band, mainly known because of the underground pearl 'The Bogeyman' from 1990, which can be considered a modest classic. Previous to this (only) album Death Power released three demo tapes and an EP and of those the first two demos are now put together on this compilation CD. The first one was called 'Speed-Thrash-Core-Machine', the second 'Keep Fit, Fuck More...' and both are from 1987. The problem with the first demo is the bad sound quality which makes it a hard listen. If one can listen through that it's clear the band was still looking for a sound and style of their own. It's got some typical thrash elements but the band clearly was also influenced by hardcore/crossover music. The second demo is better on all fronts. The sound is quite good, the songs are better, more consistent and it's a clear shift towards real thrash metal in the style of bands like Destruction or Sodom. I can even hear some Venom in the sound. It's a nice little gem for fans of this band and especially for collectors of obscure underground thrash., but if you want to hear the real thing search for the debut album.

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