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Megaherz - Komet

Megaherz - Komet

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : It seems to be fruitful times for Die Neue Deutsche Härte – as they call it in Germany – since my ink about the new Schwarzer Engel CD isn’t dry yet or the next band with tight riffs, inciting rhythms, industrial electro spielerei and resolute German lyrics is banging at my door. Of course, Megaherz are veterans in the genre, they have been active for twenty-five years. Comparisons with other bands in that style – most of all Rammstein – are a bit weird; we are not going to sum up this whole German scène here. Anyways they serve themselves with influences of new wave and catchy gothic tunes, that’s how they create a quite danceable and/or partly more emotive work.

This time the album of Schwarzer Engel happened to be rather thoughtful, but Megaherz stands on the barricades with political inspired lyrics for the first time in their career. More precisely ‘Horrorclown’, ‘Nicht In Meinem Name’ and the firm ‘Heldengrab’ are very critical about the current way of things going in the world. On the other hand we have a moment of contemplative reflection during ‘Von Oben’. It is dedicated to the father of guitarist Christian Bystron who passed away during the making of ‘Komet’. Heavy and emotional, that’s ‘Komet’, with the infectious rocking ‘Vorhang Auf’ to kick off the album. Again very catchy is the single (and video for) ‘Komet’, a song about honesty. Songs like ‘Scherben Bringen Glück’ and above mentioned ‘Heldengrab’ include any electro sounds and have the nearest approach to pop songs. Well, it is simple, those who have a liking for stamping, catchy songs with thoughtful German lyrics, might have a match with Megaherz.

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