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Pestilence - Hadeon

Pestilence - Hadeon

Label : Hammerheart Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The band Pestilence, around Patrick Marco Johan Mameli (those names in Italian version are his Facebook account), is always a reason to sit up straight. And if a guy who presents himself as “alphamale” lays the claim that this is going to be his best recording ever, you have yourself another damn fine reason. Although I too realise that he is completely engulfed by the record and knows all ins & outs, while I must pass judgement with only a couple of spins.

But the verdict is quite positive indeed. He, with a whole new set of musicians, grabs back to the vibe of ‘Testimony Of The Ancients’, but at the same time clearly with his aim forward. It however is not rare that a band becomes less passionate as their technical prowess advances, but Mameli keeps guard of that excellently. There are times when the disk pumps as if you are listening to a couple of young dogs, his traditional death metal vocals on the other hand nicely keeps the identity of the band on track and the music, that therefore may take some extra space for adventure. And so it does. For instance, the band fiddles about with timing, dissonant chords and scales, speeding up in the strumming and many a prog death band can listen with jealousy how mister alphamale shows that technical playing is not just a matter of pure display of speed. And all the solos are fantastic without exception.

Every now and then it even becomes a bit spacy and particularly the slower passages display a comfortable amount of mysticism. An element with far less emphasis in the past, as far as I experienced it. A very strong point is the fact the songs among each other are very coherent. At the same time there is not one full song that really stands out from first judgment, but there is no need to at this level. What really is the strongest aspect of Hadeon’, is that both the stuck up oldschool death metal fans will undoubtedly connect to this, while at the same time the tech fanatics have plenty of fuel for their high-brow analysis. The production is pleasantly natural, so that the live vibe is maintained and, the other way around, it can be reproduced live too. To sum it up, Pestilence succeeded in delivering a record that completely stands on its own in the current landscape, but that has the spirit of a very traditional band, with passages that are stuffed with subtly hidden fun for the trained ear.

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