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Schwarzer Engel - Kult Der Krähe

Schwarzer Engel - Kult Der Krähe

Label : Massacre | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Since 2010 Schwarzer Engel – the gothic rock project of mastermind Dave Jason – regularly releases albums. Here we find ourselves in the musical spectrum of German bands such as Nachtblut, ASP, Eisbrecher and a pinch of stamping industrial in the vein of Rammstein. They are a common name on festivals like Wave Gotik Treffen and M’Era Luna, while the albums are always recorded under the skilful guidance of Jan Vacik at his Dreamsound Studios.

As far as it goes there is nothing new under the sun on this sixth studio album ‘Kult Der Krähe’. This time the dark vibe comes from that cult of the crows, blend into ten dark gothic hymns and the obligatory bonus track for the digipak version. The songs include chunky riffs, but they are most of all relished with orchestral arrangements, while keyboards and piano are more featured than guitars. Dave sings in a resolute way in catchy songs like the bombastic opener ‘Krähen An Die Macht’ and the stamping ‘Sinnflut’. But there are quite a few softer songs as well and these smoother vocals – with more emotive flair – are also done to a turn and professional. In this respect listen to the contemplative ‘Gott Ist Im Regen’ or ‘Futter Für Die See’. Soon the choruses will have a touch of familiar feel, while the sad ‘Requiem’ happens to be slow and moving. You can call it modern new wave and it will surely be a success again in Germany, since all lyrics are in German. Proper craftwork.

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