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Reach - The Great Divine

Reach - The Great Divine

Label : Sun Hill Production | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : With ‘The Great Divide’ Swedish threesome Reach is releasing their second album. For this record the band joined forces with H.E.A.T. keyboardist Jona Tee. Tee handles the production duties, and in a very convincing way I would say. The production is crystal clear but has enough meat on the bones. All the songs on the album were penned by singer/guitarist Ludvig Turner. Turner already gained some attention as a participant in the Swedish version of Idols. With Reach popularity came with their cover of the Avicii song ‘Wake Me Up’.

You can easily state that ‘The Great Divide’ is a typical Swedish rock product. And that is meant in a positive way. So, you will hear keyboards throughout the album, but the bio does not mention who plays them. Opener ‘Into Tomorrow’ kicks the album in motion in a rocking way with a nice guitar solo. ‘One Life’ is a nice semi ballad and ‘Nightmare’ has a spooky, but great, vibe to it. The title track is a bit more adventurous. But the best song must be ‘Shame’, what a great, great song that is. Ludvig is a more than convincing vocalist, but also a more than talented songwriter. He approaches the songs from different angles. With that he avoids the risk of creating an album that’s monotonous. Well, this is the first nice surprise of 2018. The only thing I ask myself is how the band is going to reproduce this on stage as a threesome. You know what? Come over and prove it.

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