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Assacrentis - Colossal Destruction

Assacrentis - Colossal Destruction

Label : Anesthetize Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : From out of nowhere comes Assacrentis from Nice, France. Well from out of nowhere for yours truly this is, because the band was formed in 1999 and have released ‘The Secrets From The Past’ (demo, 2004) and ‘Put Them To Fire And Sword’ (full-length, 2013). I think I have some catching up to do now because their newest output (and my first acquaintance with the band) entitled ‘Colossal Destruction’ has become a humongous album that will carry you away in another dimension.

Assacrentis takes you back to the early days of melodic black metal when Dark Funeral opened the fucking gates of hell with 1996’s ‘The Secrets Of The Black Arts’ and Lord Belial entered the pits of Utumno with 1997’s ‘Enter The Moonlight Gate’. Fans of the fast and furious yet melodic black metal genre do need to buy ‘Colossal Destruction’ immediately. For a quick buy just visit Assacrentis’ Bandcamp page. This one is an honest and loyal successor to aforementioned albums that stood the test of time.

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