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Thaurorod - Coast Of Gold

Thaurorod - Coast Of Gold

Label : Drakkar Entertainment | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : In 2010 Thaurorod released its solid debut ’Upon Haunted Battlefields’; an album full of magnificent, up-tempo symphonic power metal. On the following ‘Anteinferno’ (2013) the Finns continued on the same musical path, although the album showed more “pure” power metal and the escapades towards symphonic black and Viking metal were quite nihil. Despite the fact that the gentlemen again had delivered a beautiful album, which in general was even better than its predecessor, ‘Anteinferno’ applied to me a bit less than the debut. That was mainly due to the new vocalist, Andi Kravljaca (Aeon Zen a.o.). Not that the man couldn’t sing, quite the opposite, but in comparison with his magnificent predecessor he sounded a bit too soft, a bit too average and even too feminine (!) for my taste. In general I definitely missed the sturdiness and the “tough” character of the debut.

Five years later the third album, ‘Coast Of Gold’, which is recorded in the same line-up as the previous one, is about to be released. And to be honest I already had my prejudgments ready. Fortunately from the very first tones of the opener ‘Power’ I am immediately proven wrong, and my doubts are immediately blown away as well. Musically nothing has changed since the last album and what we get here is more of the same. And I mean that in the most positive sense, because the gentlemen definitely know their business. And so what we have here are again ten solid power metal compositions that despite the lack of originality convince to the full. Although the majority of the material is quite up-tempo, the gentlemen have again not lost sight of melody and diversity, and therefore manage to keep you focused from start to finish. All the songs are strong compositions and the album simply doesn’t have any moments of weakness.

This time around also Kravljaca manages to fully convince me. The fact that the man could sing was already clear, but he has definitely developed himself since his debut with the band and has progressed a lot. Not only does he sound more diverse, but also (well, I don’t know how else to put it) manlier and therefore more sincere and a lot more powerful. Thanks to his strong performance the total picture also comes across more powerful and a lot better into its own. Add a powerful production and a beautiful cover artwork to the whole and the picture is complete. All in all ‘Coast Of Gold’ is Thaurorod’s strongest effort to date and a solid, beautiful power metal release that fans of bands such as Dragonforce, Cellador, Power Quest, Dragonland and co. can purchase without a second thought.

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