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Merryweather Stark - Carved In Rock

Merryweather Stark - Carved In Rock

Label : GMR Music Group | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : You can honestly label Neil Merryweather and Janne Stark as veterans in the music scene. Together they contributed to more than one hundred albums. They did not participate in really famous bands though, Lita Ford and Grand Design are the most well-known names among them. Together with drummer Peter Svensson they recorded ‘Carved In Rock’. It is heavy blues rock that is presented here. So, the album title, my dear reader, might confuse you a bit. Throughout the album it is clear that Merryweather is a pretty good guitarist. His vocal performance on the other hand is not that strong, but his, somewhat hoarse, voice suits the music well. All songs presented here are in the mid-tempo range and sound very organic. ‘Carved In Rock’ has been recorded under old school circumstances using old tube amps and analogue recording equipment. The band shot a video for the song ‘Freedom To Love’, and with this video they are also trying to capture that retro feel. This song is one of the better tracks, together with We Got to Own This Thing’ and the short and more upbeat ‘Rockers Lament’. The latter shows that the band has a good sense of humor. Merryweather Stark recorded an album that will throw you back in time right to the seventies. If you are a sucker for that time period and like bluesrock, give this album a spin.

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