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Cambrian - Point Of Origin

Cambrian - Point Of Origin

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Cambrian is a Progressive metal band from the south of The Netherlands who started out playing covers of the big names in the progressive world, like Dream Theater and Symphony X. After a while they started writing their own songs, emphasizing dynamics and diversity, which has resulted in their debut album, ‘Point Of Origin’. At the very least we can say that it’s quite an ambitious record, of the six songs on the album four go over the nine minute mark(!).

Musically speaking the gents have their own style, even though the influences of the likes of Dream Theater and Opeth are clearly present. The compositions are, as promised by the band, dynamic and diverse, we hear the tempo changing regularly and occasionally the music goes from loud to quiet all of a sudden. Even though I definitely hear some potential in the music, I, unfortunately, do need to say that the level is clearly that of a young, starting, band. It’s not one thing that causes this but it’s due to a number of factors. First and for mostly, I need to talk about the vocals of Freek Rooijakkers, I don’t really like the sound of his voice (this could be a matter of taste), the melodies leave some room for improvement and could use more variation. I have the feeling that he’s quite inexperienced as a vocalist, hopefully he can make some miles and book some progress in the future. His more aggressive vocals are better. The keyboards of Lennart van der Leij are pretty good, although some of his sounds could’ve been cooler, and drummer Alex Mols and bass guitarist Roy Nijssen are a pretty decent backline. Guitarist Ronal Kremers is a fine rhythm guitarist and has some very nice parts, but there’s room for improvement when it comes down to the solos. Lastly, the production, both recording and mixing, wasn’t done very well and could’ve used several more hours of work.

Let it be clear that ‘Point Of Origin’ isn’t without flaws, yet there is definitely some potential there and the album also has some great moments. Like a large part of ‘Secret Place’ and the song ‘To Ashes’ (without the bit with ‘oh tell me have you made yourself comfortable’, that wasn’t very good). The guest contribution of Fenneke Pommer was actually quite nice, if it were up to me she would be joining the band a whole lot more. I’ve been very critical on the Dutch band because I really hope that they can improve on these points, I really think that the band has the potential to grow, and who knows what’s possible then. For a self-made debut album I can only say that it’s a good result, it’s something where the guys from Cambrian can be proud of. I am very curious what the guys will do with their second album.

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