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Avslut - Deceptis

Avslut - Deceptis

Label : Osmose | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Avslut is a new band from Sweden and is made up of the remains of other bands. Names of those bands are not mentioned on the internet page of Osmose Records, so they will not have been very good. Avslut on the other hand will certainly play a significant role, because their debut album 'Deceptis' has turned out to be a classic Swedish black metal album. Many influences from bands like Dissection, Emperor and Dimmu Borgir make it a very recognizable album, with a balanced mix of melody, groove and brutality. Atmosphere is the key to the power of this album, where the band takes you on a journey through your deepest feelings and desires, At least that is promised to you by the record company promotional text. I am not very sensitive to such words, but I understand very well what is meant by them. All songs form a unity, without sounding alike. From start to finish there is a good flow about the songs and there is nothing of its power lost anywhere. Very recognizable are the large parts where the blastbeat reigns, with the strong and fierce vocals that go with it. Great are the guitar melodies that run through the songs and really are the face of the band’s sound. Very recognizable without being a copy, this is 'Deceptis'. 'Martyrium' is probably the song with the nicest riff, but actually it is not fair to extract just one song, because as said the album as a whole is an amazing collection of songs.

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