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Öblivion - Resillience

Öblivion - Resillience

Label : Rock Of Angels Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Öblivïon is the new band of ex-Nightmare brothers Jo and David Amore. Guitarist Steff Rabilloud (who also played in Nightmare for a split second), bassist Markus Fortunato and guitarist Florian Lagoutte complete the line-up. While listening to this debut album ‘Resillience’ it is clear early on that Öblivïon continues where Nightmare left off after the departure of the Amore brothers. Tight, modern though good as old time power metal that is guitar-driven and versatile. Much of the new stuff like ‘In The Arms Of A Queen’ and ‘Bells Of Babylon’ are a bit more theatrical than most old Nightmare stuff and therefore remind mostly of the material from ‘The Burden Of God’. Carries by the clear and powerful voice of Jo the music is lifted to even higher levels, and you are left with no choice but to let your neck go loose on firm power metal anthems like ‘Shine In My Galaxy’ and the appropriately titled ‘The Race Is On’. As album closer there is the almost seven minute ‘Dreamers, Believers’, that is one your definitely want to listen! Glad that the Amores are back with a new band, and also glad they just kept doing what they do best. Purchase obligatory for every Nightmare fan and highly recommended for any power metal fan.

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