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Salem - Attrition

Salem - Attrition

Label : Dissonance Productions | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : The second incantation of the British Salem is allowed a longer lifespan than the first try in the early eighties. First there was the comeback album ‘Forgotten Dreams’, then came the follow-up ‘Dark Days’ and now number three is here and got the title ‘Attrition’. Again the sound leans quite a bit towards the NWOBHM bands, though things are quite a bit lighter than many other bands in this genre. Songs like ‘I’m The One’ would not have been bad for many a pop rock or hair metal band, the light voice of Simon Saxby not being the last of the reasons for this. With a heavier riff and more firm distortion, ‘Warning Signs’ is the heaviest one on the album. For the metal purists among us this record might start to bore quite fast. If you are able to appreciate more than just the earbleed-causing guitar smashing stuff you can definitely give this album a try.

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