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Lykantrop - Ve

Lykantrop - Ve

Label : Ewiges Eis Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : We already had raw black metal, symphonic black metal, depressive black metal, National Socialist black metal, industrial black metal, hell, we even have red and anarchist black metal, folk black metal and atmospheric black metal, but in addition to all this, there is now lycanthropic black metal. Lycanthropy is a mental condition in which someone suffers from the delusion that he is changing into an animal, feels like an animal or behaves like an animal. The name lycanthropy is taken from the folk tales about people who change into wolves, called the werewolves and that is how we come to the story of Lykantrop, a new Norwegian band that makes music about werewolves and the associated landscape, being the vast forests in Norway.

Lykantrop is founded by Dyret (animal in Norwegian) and Dáublódir in 2017 and their debut album 'Ve' is already released within a year. Atmospheric and melancholic black metal is what this duo brings us. Old-fashioned with an old-fashioned production that takes us right back to the early 1990s. Grim, sometimes threatening, sometimes sorrowful, but above all, without fuss. No complicated drum patterns or technical difficulty on guitar, just old-fashioned black metal with some references to Darkthrone and their allies. The vocals of Dáublódir sound sharp and possessed, but they still have a melodic narrative undertone.

A must have for every die hard Norwegian black metal fan who listens three times a day to ‘Under A Funeral Moon’ while applying his corpse paint, for collectors of every Norwegian black metal record since 1992, for guys who spend 1500 euro for an original copy on vinyl of Mayhem’s ‘Deathcrush’ or maybe even for lovers of primitive black metal with demo quality, but all others can skip this with peace of mind.

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