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LizZard - Shift

LizZard - Shift

Label : Metalville | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Deftones, mixed with Karnivool, Pain of Salvation, A Perfect Circle and a touch of Nirvana and the Police at times on some of the songs – that’s what the French LizZard puts on display with their new album ‘Shift’, coming out near the end of February. Their progressive mix of influences, however, never truly seems to come to fruition. Most of the material might get by when put on in the background, but none of it is truly original and rarely does it grab the attention. It’s as if the band never really pulls out the big guns, never shows the cojones. Songs like ‘Singularity’ might get by on some of the riffs and the songwriting, but most of the material fails to impress and the mid-tempo focus makes the 44 minutes sound like far longer.

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