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Insect Ark - Marrow Hymns

Insect Ark - Marrow Hymns

Label : Profound Lore | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : Insect Ark is a duo from the United States that makes psychedelic doom. The ladies are releasing their new album near the end of February and it’s called ‘Marrow Hymns’. The listener is treated to long, drawn out songs featuring very run-of-the-mill hypnotic bass loops and a production that drowns in reverb. The one element that’s unusual in their sound is the lap steel guitar, but its contribution to the overall sound is shallow and not impactful enough to stay interesting for the entire runtime – on ‘In the Nest’ it’s used best. This album might really tickle your fancy if you’re currently in a bad trip and you want to sink deeper, but outside of that, it doesn’t hold much replay value.

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