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Elegiac - Rise From The Ashes

Elegiac - Rise From The Ashes

Label : Ewiges Eis Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Re-release

Roel de Haan : Elegiac is a one-man black metal outfit and this ‘Rise From The Ashes’ is his third full-length and was originally released in 2017. Now Ewiges Eis Records are re-releasing it. Is it worth it? To me they shouldn’t have bothered. Elegiac’s music is traditional lo-fi black metal inspired by the likes such as Burzum, Darkthrone and Gorgoroth. But nowhere near the levels of danger these bands conveyed back in the days. Elegiac follows the old-school black metal rules very closely and without any deviations. The level of aggression is alright and it isn’t totally disastrous if you’re into the genre, but ‘Rise From The Ashes’ lack in originality is glaringly obvious.

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