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Ektomorf - Fury

Ektomorf - Fury

Label : AFM Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Zoltán 'Zoli' Farkas just does not know how to stop with his band Ektomorf. In September 2017 they released the live album with DVD 'Warpath (Live And Life On The Road)'. Now they are already back here with their twelfth long player. The ten songs together last thirty minutes. And they sound like the album title says it, like a lump of fury. That already starts with opener 'The Prophet Of Doom'. Hard and aggressive riffs with vocals that are almost a grunt. It thrashes onwards and can’t be stopped by anything. Successor 'AK 47' is another one of that caliber. Thrash metal with a glimpse of hardcore. Nice choruses with grooving guitars and excellent percussion. Although the aggressive tone is maintained, the pace goes down a little later. Until the closing 'Skin Them Alive' passes and it’s pedal to the metal again. Still everything reminds of the sound of Max Cavalera, but then a Max as he raged on the last Cavalera Conspiracy album and less like he does with Soulfly. To make a long story short: you will not hear much innovative stuff on ‘Fury’, yet Zoli and company prove that they can still kick ass and their thrash attack will certainly cause some adrenaline boosts here and there.

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