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Conjurer - Mire

Conjurer - Mire

Label : Holy Roar Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Job : My god, this is unforgivingly heavy. Conjurer hails from the south-east of England and doesn’t take any chances – blisteringly loud and incredibly weighty their progressive mix of sludge and death metal is blasted from whatever speakers you choose to play this from. Old Gojira jumps to the heaviest Opeth to Mastodon at its most uncompromising. It’s focused, destructive and disgusting. When black metal seeps in on several of the songs, it’s as if a veil is lifted only to let the audience peer into a darkness unheard of. The melancholic but mostly suffocating clean passages show great ties with older Shining material as well.

It all comes together through a production that shines in its imperfection – everything about it revolves around making this as uncompromisingly heavy as possible but without losing control of the dynamics. Intricate melodies are woven throughout every single song and all of them stand out. A song like ‘Thankless’, where a wilderness of blast beats gets interrupted by sludgy hardcore riffs and large open chords shape tension and release. A song like ‘Hollow’ with its crushingly beautiful crescendo, only to be unapologetically faux-passed by some more sludgy goodness. A song like ‘Retch’, that’s most likely the most straight forward hardcore-inspired song on the album, with d-beats and blast beats interchanged at a stunning pace. This jaw-droppingly good album needs to be heard, because as much as we’ve already been spoiled this year in terms of good music – this STILL stands out!

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