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Beorn's Hall - Estuary

Beorn's Hall - Estuary

Label : Naturmacht Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : New Hampshire’s Beorn’s Hall returns to deliver another slab of folk and nature-inspired Viking black metal. ‘Estuary’, as this second album is entitled, continues where their debut ‘Mountain Hymns’ left off: Bathory, Falkenbach and perhaps some early Satyricon inspired Viking black metal. Some (synthetic) folk instruments like flute are present and some old-school keyboards (read amateurish) are used to create some kind nineties feel. And so does the trebly production. Beorn’s Hall never gets fast or really aggressive and this mid-tempo gear makes the album quite tedious at times. However acoustic guitars do add some contrasting moments. With ‘Estuary’ Beorn’s Hall never exceeds levels beyond emulation and rehashing ideas. This leaves the album severely lacking in relevance and originality.

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