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Horizon Ablaze - The Weight Of A Thousand Suns

Horizon Ablaze - The Weight Of A Thousand Suns

Label : Leviathan Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Kampen : “Horizon Ablaze is an extreme metal band hailing from the southern shores of Norway. Combining the ambience of black metal, and fusing it with the savage sound of death metal, they have created a sound entirely their own”. The band says. I would never declare this as this record sounds like pretty much every experimental black metal band around these days and I hate it. I am getting so tired of the fact that so many bands try to create a black metal ambience, but instead produce the record like a super clean prog-metal record, add way to difficult jazzy nonsense in the music and release a music video where everybody is smiling and having fun in the recording studio.

You just do not get what it is about. This record is as tight as duck's arse, but I am not going to review it like it has black metal influences cause there are barely any. What is left? A bunch of good musicians that released a soulless record with a bunch of unnecessary tricks to show how well they can play their instrument. I read somewhere that this sounds like Emperor would have sounded like if they continued releasing records. Yeah right, I wonder in which universe that would be. Not in mine I’m afraid.

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