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Kill Ritual - All Men Shall Fall

Kill Ritual - All Men Shall Fall

Label : Dissonance Productions | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : The American band Kill Ritual didn’t completely convince colleague Nima with their previous album ‘Karma Machine’ from 2015, which received a score of 68/100. I was hoping a little bit that the band had taken some big leaps of progress in the last three years. The band around guitarist Steve Rice is now releasing their fourth album called ‘All Men Shall Fall’.

Musically speaking ‘All Men Shall Fall’ is a decent album, nice up-beat songs with great guitar riffs that are well backed by drums and bass guitar. Maybe it’s not the most innovative music in the word, but honestly that’s not necessary either. Disappointingly, it’s not a great album and that’s mostly because of the vocals from David Reed Watson. The guy can surely sing but unfortunately his vocal melodies are very unpleasant to listen to, they sounds wining and hysterical. Also, he constantly uses the same singing ‘tricks’ that get more and more annoying throughout the album. Honestly, I find his vocals so unpleasant that I’m sick of listening to the album after only playing it once. What a shame because the instrumental parts aren’t bad at all.

It’s not unique that a singer negatively impact the album with his/her vocals. Kill Ritual might have a brighter future with a better vocalist, musically they definitely don’t perform under average. Perhaps the seasoned fans of heavy metal/thrash can look through the vocals, but I really can’t. All men shall fall, and so shall Kill Ritual.

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