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The Vale  - Autumn In The Valley

The Vale - Autumn In The Valley

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Mini-CD

Vera : Hailing from Tampere, Finland, a new band The Vale comes our way, although the guys were active as Ovenizer before. They kick off their activities under this moniker with the MCD ‘Autumn In The Valley’. It is the first part of five releases. One of them will be a full length album, scheduled to be launched at the world later this year. Lyrically The Vale happens to be a thematic band: everything happens in the valley. Lyrics can be found on their Bandcamp page.

The trio plays atmospheric alternative guitar rock with clean vocal parts. The five songs on this MCD show the necessary variegation, yet the sound of the band becomes obvious. Opener ‘The One Who Always Leaves’ is melancholic, with clean serene harmony vocals. There is a kind of menacing undercurrent and towards the end it is illustrated by eerie, sharp guitar cries. In ‘Last Song’ (mouth)harmonica and a sure-fire guitar solo leap to the eye. They come up with strong melodies, same goes for the wilder ‘Dead Features’ which takes a fine bluesy start. ‘Ghost Ship’ is sung in a bit rougher way, but we also here a low gothic voice for a moment. ‘Alavilla Mailla’ is slower and it is sung in a sensitive, storytelling manner in Finnish language. Beautiful echoing guitars here. One can conclude that this happens to be a seminal start of a long project.

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