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Nordfrost - Ad Infinitum

Nordfrost - Ad Infinitum

Label : Ewiges Eis Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : In the deep dark of the German Hochwald lies the origin of the pitch black sound of Nordfrost. Though their music is slightly more melodic than many of their fellow bands, they still have that “trve kvlt” vibe, at least, according to their commenting audience on YouTube. The lyrics on this short album to not beat around the bush either, it all deals with the inevitable ultimate decay of all humans and all they have ever done on this planet. Musically it is mainly old-fashioned black metal, with that melodic twist that makes the also German band Munarheim the first comparison that springs to mind, though Nordfrost lacks that class due to the lack of diversity. ‘Ad Infinitum’ is a decent record for the diehard frostbitten black metal fan, and it is capable of delivering a steep twenty minutes of black amusement.

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