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Hated - Breathless Art

Hated - Breathless Art

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : 'Breathless Art' is the debut album of the Russian quartet Hated. There is little information to be found find online about the four band members and the band itself. Yes, there are some scribbles in Russian, but I do not speak that language. And that the album is recorded in the Holy Tube studio in Orenburg and mixed and mastered by Andrey Ivanenko is not immediately information that is essential ...

"Unknown is unloved", says a Dutch proverb, but that that doesn’t go for Hated in this case. Hated plays old school death metal and occasionally adds some refreshing elements to it. Hated therefor evokes associations to acts like Atheist, Death and Pestilence. That does mean that the band does not come up with something really innovative, but you can expect that if I measure them with the examples just mentioned? Is it not enough that they can make associations with these acts? For me it is. The vocals by singer / guitarist Andrew contain the typical death metal rawness, occasionally interspersed with a high roar ('Echoes Of Eternity). His vocals will undoubtedly be criticized by some, but his rawness fits flawlessly with the tracks. In the songs the band looks for variation in tempo and atmosphere ('Ocean Depths'), it plays with the dynamics ('Emptiness is Form') and makes plenty of use of fine riffs. A raw production that also gives sufficient space to a well-flowing bass ('Fall Of Reason') completes the half-hour debut album.

'Breathless Art' is currently only available in digital form via the BandCamp page of the band or you can listen to it on YouTube. It has offered me many hours of listening pleasure and was more than worth the purchase. If old school death with progressive influences is your thing, you owe yourself at least a listen.

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