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Deathwhite - For A Black Tomorrow

Deathwhite - For A Black Tomorrow

Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Hailing from a totally unexpected quarter (US), Deathwhite crosses our path. This is a band inspired by the English doom/gothic trinity Anathema, Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride, but most of all early Katatonia and Ghost Brigade. In terms of melancholy and vocals there are also some similarities with Riverside. In brief, this is a true discovery and easily walks all over that Anglo-Saxon nu metal, groove metal and (emo, hard and metal) core rubbish coming from the States: bands we try to avoid since ages.

Deathwhite comes from Pennsylvania (US) and was formed in 2012. The engrossing doom/gothic rock of this illustrious trio, which remains shrouded in mist (line-up not mentioned), was introduced to the world with the EP’s ‘Ethereal’ (2014) and ‘Solitary Martyr’ (2015) and they got rave reviews for them. They spent 2016 writing the first full length album ‘For A Black Tomorrow’ which was recorded by producer Shane Mayer. Initially this album would be a self-release, but Season Of Mist noticed them and offered them a contract. Justice done!

Smooth and gently they make us enter the mid nineties again, when Amorphis, Moonspell and the above mentioned bands had their heydays. From the very outset we are truly impressed by opener ‘The Grace Of The Dark’. This could have been a track of Anathema around the turn of the century (‘Alternative 4’ or ‘Judgement’). Same melancholy in the voice of the singer and melodious rocking guitars, while the lyrics invoke introspective reveries. Katatonia is one of the biggest influences as well, that’s obvious when we go on listening to the catchy gothic blitz of ‘Contrition’, the sensitive ‘Poisoned’ and the beautiful ‘Just Remember’. From start to finish this is a true relief to listen to, a moment to reflect on things coming from the heart instead of following your brain in this hectic world. The balance between contemplative moments and smooth rocking is perfect, that’s why the wilder passages fluently fit into the melancholic message of this amazing debut album. We want more!

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