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Cruthu - The Angle Of Eternity

Cruthu - The Angle Of Eternity

Label : The Church Within | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : ‘The Angle Of Eternity’ by the US’ Cruthu was already self-released back in March 2017. Germany’s The Church Within Records has decided to release the album on both CD and LPO now. So, finally one can get hold of it much easier. ‘The Angle Of Eternity’ is chockful of traditional doom which has clear influences from the Seventies. A little Deep Purple here and, of course, some Sabbath there and when it comes to doom the music is also reminiscent of bands such as Trouble, The Gates Of Slumber and Apostle Of Solitude. The band understands the art of writing songs which are well built-up. The musicians also manage to immerse enough variation seeing to it that it captivates from start to finish. A good example of this is the acoustic instrumental they put on the album. Nicely serene and tranquil and contemplative with a very slight Rainbow vibe. It really fits well into the entirety of the album. This debut album leaves behind an above average impression. To all fans of traditional doom I would like to say… Check it out!!!! I am curious as to what the next album will bring.

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