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Black Wizard - Livin’ Oblivion

Black Wizard - Livin’ Oblivion

Label : Listenable | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Two years ago I wrote a review for the album 'New Waste' from the Canadians of Black Wizard. An album from a band that plays the music that you can expect when you hear or read the band name. So heavy metal it is. Two years later, there now is a new album 'Livin' Oblivion' and in two years there has not changed much: Black Wizard still plays real metal, with a touch of doom and stoner.

Again I have received a fairly cheap copy of the album; obviously there is no money to support these guys properly. And that is a shame because Black Wizard is actually quite a good band. A big difference with the previous album is the tempo: that is really a lot higher on this new album, with up tempo tracks like 'Feast Of Famine' which sounds like a mix of Iron Maiden and Metallica. Singer Adam Grant sometimes has a bit of problem to really touch the right notes, but the instrumentation is generally just great. The production could have been heavier and better throughout, but I guess that has also budgetary reasons. But that does not mean that this is just a great metal album. My favorite tracks are 'James Wolfe' (beautiful composition) and 'Cascadia' (atmospheric) and it should also be noted that there is no bad song on the album. Hopefully the gentlemen get more success with this release; they deserve it.

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