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VOJD - The Outer Ocean

VOJD - The Outer Ocean

Label : High Roller Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : The Swedish Black Trip released two pretty successful albums, but after the departure of the drummer they decided to proceed under a new name. Also the musical direction was slightly adjusted; the traditional classic metal made a shift towards more seventies rock ingredients. Some basic elements in the direction of bands like Praying Mantis are still recognisable, but also shreds reminding of Kiss, or Thin Lizzy (or even ZZ Top) can be heard more than before. With the newly added ingredients some listeners might even compare the music to bands like Marvel as well as Dead Lord, both from Sweden also. Even some very decent bluesy stuff is presented with ‘Dream Machine’; the simple, yet fitting laid-back atmosphere in combination with the surprising change of speed and a true eye for detail is a great piece of work. Most songs may not be that remarkable or original as songs or arrangements in general, but played by this band it goes far beyond average standards in a way. Especially the guitars are contributing to bringing this music to a higher level; the catchy riffs, passionate solo’s and team play, including great twin parts are works of art, making this a very pleasant listening experience. This was a great band when they were Black Trip, but the name change and the adjusted musical direction may even be better and creating also even better perspectives for the band itself concerning reaching a larger audience.

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